self-build body kits

Based on the more affordable, and widely available, 1999-2002 Mercury Cougar, the DN8 offers exterior and interior upgrades to complete the look.

DNA west coast

Mercedes sl donor

GRP parts
Rear (clip inc cills)
Seperate cills supplied for export kits only
Rear clip exhaust shrouds
Petrol flap
Petrol flap carrier
Ford Mondeo flap ( Export only inc)
Rear Diffuser
4 fins for rear diffuser
Engine lid
Roll bar section cover
Side flaps x 2
Top pod flaps x2
Door skins outer
Door handles outer
Mirrors x 2
Front clip
Front bumper
Front bumper splitter
Top rear air ducts
Front bumper air ducts
Rainwater kit 4 parts
Instrument cover binicale
Interior door cards x2
Interior door card arm rests x 2
Interior door card pockets x 2
Dummy engine
Dummy engine oil cap

Engine lid hinges x 2 + 30mm spacers  x 2
Bonnet hinges x2
Small flap hinges x 2
Dummy engine hinges x2
Door handle hinges x 2
Rear pod  Sprung Self closing hinges for pods x 2

Head rest seat kit (agent only on request)
Head rest frame section x 2
GRP head rest covers x 2

Steering wheel conversion kit
Steering wheel rear cover
front panel
cover fake air bag
fake switch

Fuel pipe x2 parts

Roll bars x2

Suspension kit
Front suspension arms x 2 parts
Ball joints x 2
Front track rod extenders x 2
Drop plates x 8 parts + 8 nuts and bolts + 4 spacers
Front spacers x 2
Front spacers bolts and shims 8 of each
Rear springs x2
Rear spacers x 4 parts and 16 bolts

Brake Kit Optional
Front brackets x 2
Front caliper all thread brackets x2
Rear brackets x 2
Rear caliper all thread brackets x2
Fake discs x 4
GRP calipers x 4

We've all seen the Classified Ads for kit cars or replicas that claim to be '95% complete'.  Ever wonder why they didn't just do the last 5%?  It's usually because they couldn't get anywhere near finished, due to the poor quality of a kit that didn't fit right, never looked right, and the customer realized it just wasn't worth finishing - and hoped you'd have more luck than they had...

Some companies sell low quality body kits that need way too much finishing, and they often only provide the basic body panels, just so they can advertise it at $5,995..!!

Customers end up scouring salvage yards for parts they need, they spend years and still fail to finish the project.


DNA Automotive is different.  Just look at what is included in the DNA 4thirty Comprehensive Kit, for example:

While also based on the 1999-2002 Mercury Cougar, the 5cudo retains the option of removing the rear engine tray, any time, so you can still use all 4 seats.

dna 5cudo

mercury cougar donor

The Best of Both Worlds...  The West Coast has the '03-'12 SL's power folding hard top, luxury interior and choice of V8 or V12, from 300hp to over 600hp.

BBC, Top Gear, and Top Gear Live are the intellectual property of the BBC.  ( )

'Wind In Your Hair'

fun of a mid-engine

two-seat 4Thirty

convertible, comfort and convenience of our West Coast's folding hard-top, or

the style of our DN8

hardtop coupe?

The 5cudo quickly reverts to 4 seats so friends and family can share the fun..! 

drive your dream

We were proud to have the BBC Top Gear Live Tour use three MR2 MkIII's with our Body Kits..!


The Spiders performed driving stunts as part of the show and people are still arguing over whether or not they were the real thing...

GRP Panels Customized To Fit Specific Donors

Metalwork Assembly Brackets/Trim Pieces

Lights and Glass/Quarter Lights

Wheels, Tires, and Wheel Arch Liners

Grilles, Mesh, Exhaust and Tail Pipe Trims

Door Mirror Shells, and Heated Mirror Glass

Adhesives, Bonding Agents and Primers

Wiring Kits to Plug Into Donor Wiring Looms

Customer Support Throughout Your Build

All Parts Supplied, As Needed, Per Custom Kit






Complete interior packages are available in kit form, or as part of a Turnkey Conversion, with choices of color and finish to complete the overall look and feel.




We provide Full Turnkey Conversions on your donor.  Unlike with ‘kit cars’, the mechanicals of your donor are not modified for our body kits, so you retain the safety and reliability of your donor.


‘Turnkey’ means exactly what it says; all you need to do is turn the key and...  

interior conversion packages available

With the reliability of Toyota's mid-engine 1999-2005 MR2 Roadster, the 4thirty has always been one of our most popular and fun models.  Get some wind in your hair..!

dna dn8

mercury cougar donor




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Rear engine lid frame
Pod clips brass x 2
Thumb turn nuts
Pod brackets x 4
T shape roof brackets x 2
T shape roof brackets end clips x 2
Gas rams x 2
Bonnet/hood catch bracket
Engine lid catch carriers x 2
Engine lid catch’s x 2
Engine lid catch slam bolts x 2
Front clip table carrier
Rear roll bar carrier
Door handle brackets
Front clip alignment twist strut brackets x2
Diffuser brackets x 2
Head light Brackets
Side chassis brackets x 2
Light table shelf bracket x 2
Light table mounting shelf bracket x 2
Front bumper location brackets x 4
Light holder adjustment brackets x 2

Head light kit
Light doors x 2
Lenses x 2
Side light lenses
Head light units Hella x 2

Rear lights
Rear lights x4
Centre brake light
Light plugs (optional)
Rear reflectors x2
Voltage drop resisters x 2
Side front clip flashers x 2

Rear Engine screen glass x1
Rear engine lid pull cables x2
Mohair soft top Roof x 1
Side Mirror glass x 2
Adjustable bonnet & engine lid stops x 6
Exhaust rear section x1
Wheel’s standard 19” DNA (optional) x 4
Weather seals x 4
Grill Mesh kit 3 types to be cut to size by builder
Wheel arch liner kit
Front bumper belly pan
Front arch liner x 4
Rear arch liner x 2
Front closer panel under bonnet
Rear grill gap cover rear behind badge
Air scoop Ducting
Instrument Clock face kit (optional)
Instrument face conversion
Stainless cill plates x 2
Stainless door end caps x 2
Bonding agents

Vent surrounds x 3 parts
Vents x 5
1 top badge

dna 4thirty

toyota mr2 mkiii donor

drive your dream...


for choice

Comprehensive Self-Build Body Kits and Turnkey Conversions For Mercury Cougar,

Mercedes-Benz SL,

and Toyota MR2 MkIII Roadster


Finance Available WAC From Only $260/Month

'Drive Your Dream'
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Thank you to the DNA Automotive customers who were so willing to display their cars for our brochure and web site.  Many of the cars you see here on our site were self-build projects by regular people just like you.


Please view the many build diaries, pictures and videos that are available at the DNA Owners' Club Forum at:


You'll find a very satisfied and helpful community of past, present, and future owners on there who are ready and willing to answer your questions.

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of 'drive your dream'

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turnkey conversions