Comprehensive Self-Build Kits or Turnkey Builds
 We do not sell or build kit cars.  Our Comprehensive Kits are complete 'rebody' conversions on popular, mainstream manufacturer's models that have benefited from Billions of Dollars of Research and Development.  When Mercedes, for example, spends Over 7 Billion US Dollars per year on R&D, why would you choose to use a Beetle, Fiero, or low volume chassis, then scour scrapyards for old parts from a dead donor vehicle to throw together whatever Frankenstein Model you chose to buy elsewhere..?

We think, if Mercedes spends over $20 Million Per Day on R&D, that is probably a far better place to start than just a basic chassis

Why would you want to buy or build 'the car of your dreams' only to discover that is drives like it was built in a shed, or like a kit car for that matter..?!  It just makes so much more sense to source a vehicle that already has all the luxury, power, performance, and options that you want and then improve upon that.  When people see our West Coast, built on the Mercedes SL, they can't believe it has so many luxury features; Power Folding Panoramic Hard-Top, AC, Air Bags, Crumple Zones, Heated and Ventilated  Massage Seats, AirScarf, Perimeter Sensors, Cruise Control, and the list goes on.., 

Our donors are complete donors, not like kit car donors where you just take some parts and throw the rest away.  So, your car will drive like and perform like the original donor vehicle, and be as safe as it, but wearing fancy new clothes..!

Many of the cars you see on our site were self-built by people just like you.  They are straightforward to put together, and you can spend your time building instead of scouring junkyards for parts.  Even the primer, applicators and bonding agents are included in the crate.  Pretty much everything but paint and labor is included. Even wheels and tires are included, as well as replacement exhaust parts and many original OEM parts such as headlights and brakelights and some glass, as needed.

Build Time Estimates range from 160hrs to 200hrs, for each kit, plus painting.

Check out build diaries, pictures and videos at the DNA Owners' Club Forum:

Plus, you get unlimited telephone support during your build from the factory.

Prices can fluctuate, with ever-changing exchange rates, but estimates for each kit are listed on our Order Form (including crate, shipping, handling, and collection from our location just outside Chicago).  An Allowance has been included to cover: Exchange Rate, Wheels & Tires, Crate & Shipping, Customs Clearance, Duties & Taxes, Single Entry Bond Fee, Storage/Demurrage.  E&OE.  Final costs will be confirmed at time of order - See Order Form for breakdown:

All prices are in American Dollars, and include additional parts not included in kits from other manufacturers.  We feel it is fairer that you understand from the start what your build will cost, whether you are building or are having us build for you.  Elsewhere, with incomplete kits, you are always left not knowing how much it is really going to cost.  Don't fall for the magazine ads of $5,995 for a 'complete' kit.  You'll quickly learn 'complete' means different things to others.

Interiors are also available in Kit Form, or Turnkey, and vary based on options.

Turnkey Conversions 
Turnkey Conversions typically cost from $15,995 to $17,995 plus the cost of the Comprehensive Kit.

Other Optional Accessories
Depending which model you select, we also have Aero Kits, Faux Ceramic Disc Brake Kits and Dash Kits.  We will discuss the specifics of your order when you are ready to schedule your Self-Build Kit or Turnkey Conversion.


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'Drive Your Dream'
This tri-fold flyer is designed to print on 8.5"x11" paper. Print it to share with friends...


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Thank you to the DNA Automotive customers who were so willing to display their cars for our brochure and web site.  Many of the cars you see here on our site were self-build projects by regular people just like you.


Please view the many build diaries, pictures and videos that are available at the DNA Owners' Club Forum at:


You'll find a very satisfied and helpful community of past, present, and future owners on there who are ready and willing to answer your questions.

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The sporty body looks so good, it’s a shame you have to get in to drive it, while everyone else is enjoying the view outside.

So, we made the interior a pretty special place to be too...




The DNA DN8 uses the Mercury Cougar as a donor, and the beautiful curves on this body make you want to sit and stare at it all day.

Finance Available WAC From Only $260/Month


2 seat


While also based on the 1999-2002 Mercury Cougar, the 5cudo retains the option of removing the rear engine tray, any time, so you can still use all 4 seats.

With the reliability of Toyota's mid-engine 1999-2005 MR2 Roadster, the 4thirty has always been one of our most popular and fun models.  Get some wind in your hair..!

dna 4thirty

toyota mr2 mkiii donor

dna 5cudo

mercury cougar donor

Based on the more affordable, and widely available, 1999-2002 Mercury Cougar, the DN8 offers exterior and interior upgrades to complete the look.

dna dn8

mercury cougar donor

The Best of Both Worlds...  The West Coast has the '03-'12 SL's power folding hard top, luxury interior and choice of V8 or V12, from 300hp to over 600hp.

DNA west coast

Mercedes sl donor




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